Therapies Offered

Psychoanalytic Therapy

A theory of personality development that focuses on the human nature and unconscious factors that motivate behaviour. Attention is given to the events of the first 6 years of life that contribute to how personality is formed.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing 

Modifying behaviour in achieving self-improvement, self-management, and more effective interpersonal communications thru’ filtering, selecting and internalizing what best suits oneself.

Transpersonal Regression

To dig up forgotten positive feelings and dormant qualities and work out the core because of the impact, now or in another lifetime or in other dimensions. Whatever pops up, we work it out.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

To briefly focus on the trauma memory and REM which is associated with reduction in the vividness and corresponding emotions with the traumatic memories. It involves very less talk.

Integrated Clinical Hypno-Therapy

To bypass the conscious brain and access the subconscious mind. Be assured, one can never be made to do anything one does not want to do, when undergoing hypnotherapy.


This pays attention to how responsibilities are assumed, creation of one’s own destiny and finding meaning and goals to create a purposeful life.


A method of deriving meaning from images and elements from dreams in order to gain insight into one’s thought process. It involves recording and analysing dreams over a period of time.

Experience and Relationship Oriented Therapies
Person Centred Therapy
Emotional Freedom Therapy 
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Based on the premise that all behaviour is learnt, it gives a primary role to the thinking which influences the behaviour.


Through this method one is able to find effective ways of meeting their own daily needs in the present using choice theory.

Family Systems

Based on the assumption that the key to change the individual / situation lies in understanding and working with the family as a unit.

Post-Modern Approaches

Narrative therapy, solution focused brief therapy, social constructionism etc., perspectives believe that here is no single truth and we create the reality we live in. Thus these are approaches that maintain that you are an expert at your own life.


~ Dance movement therapy ~ Art therapy ~ Graphology ~ Written forms of therapy, chronicling or diary writing

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

The role of thinking and belief systems that contribute to one's upbringing is identified as the root of personal problems here. This is an interactive and thought provoking form of therapy.

Transactional Analysis (TA)

This pays attention to how responsibilities are assumed, creation of one’s own destiny and finding meaning and goals to create a purposeful life.


This approach is used to help both men and women explore their identity, goals, aspirations, behaviour they want to indulge in, redefining gender roles. This focuses on the entire emotional well-being aspect of the person.

Alternative Healing Therapies

~ Crystal Healing ~ Chakra Work ~ Tarot Card Reading ~ Angel Therapy ~ Reiki ~ Pranic healing ~ Feng-Shui ~ Acupressure ~ Yogic interventions ~ Mindfulness based techniques ~ Hoponoppono

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