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Issues We Help & Resolve 
Self Concept


How sure I am of myself and my abilities

Goal setting

What do I want to achieve and how can I achieve it.


How worthy do I feel I am and how much I respect myself in any situation


Given a goal, do I believe I can achieve/accomplish it


Do I know what I want and how well do I know it


Do I have the ability to think carefully about something I am doing and nothing else

Attention issues

Can I selectively narrow my focus on the task at hand and not get distracted easily

Memory & Recall issues

Am I able to retrieve information from my mind appropriately

Personal Traits

Study Habits

How do I learn academic material

Stage Fright

Am I confident enough to perform/talk to a large group of people

Questionable Personal Traits

Are  there parts of my behaviour that people find hard to accept. e.g. selfishness, telling lies etc


Do I delay what I need to do

Social Behaviour



Adjustment Issues

How well do I fit into different situations or people; How do I feel my parents raised me/ failed to do so

Parenting Issues

How I feel I should raise my child; How are my children as siblings; Am I ready to deal with them growing up / puberty

Dealing With Bullies

Am I made to feel powerless or incapable by other/s


Am I being / Have I been verbally, mentally or physically abused or violated

Emotional Growth


Am I afraid of negative outcome, in the form of any threat, danger, pain or harm


Do I feel extremely fearful of something that others perceive as normal

Panic Attacks

Has any uncontrollable physical reaction occurred because I was feeling scared


Do I get worried or nervous often


Do I have unwanted thoughts constantly that make me do things repeatedly


Do I feel pressure under demanding circumstances/situations or by someone

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do I feel extremely tired and demotivated in life

Dreams And Sleeping Troubles

Am I having disturbed sleep

Trauma & PTSD

Have I gone through a major ordeal in my life



Habit control and substance abuse

Unhealthy Food Patterns & Eating Disorders

Do I feel the need to control what I eat or how much I am eating


Sexuality Orientation Identification

Do I feel confused about my sexuality; Do I've trouble talking about it

Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual Dysfunctions And Intimacy Issues

Relationship Issues

Do I have problems in my professional or personal relationships

Aggressive Tendencies

Does my anger cause me to behave irrationally

Medical issues

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Gastro-Intestinal Issues

Am I having toilet troubles

Management Of Medical Diagnosis

How do I deal with:

My health issues and health issues of loved ones.

Suicidal ideation

Is my life worth living / not good enough

Psychosomatic & Burnout Related Troubles

Is the stress I am experiencing causing problems in my daily life

Chronic Body Pains

Do I feel people/ doctors don't believe me when I talk about my problems


Communication Problems

Am I unable to express myself verbally / non-verbally; Do I have an inability to comprehend, detect, or apply language and speech to engage in a conversation effectively with others


Does my restlessness affect my concentration and work

Genetic Counselling

Are my genes affecting my way of life

Neglect/ Abuse experiences in Childhood/ Adult life

Adverse childhood experiences, household dysfunction and substance abuse affecting adult life


Mood Issues

Do I find myself getting upset or angry very fast or for no apparent reason


Do I find myself feeling sad all the time

Bipolar disorder

Does my mood and behaviour fluctuate drastically during my day

Postpartum Depression

Am I having problems connecting to my new born baby or family after delivery or since miscarriage

Grief Management 

Do I feel like I am not being able to overcome the death of a loved one, end of a relationship or being fired from work

Mid-Life Crisis

Do I feel I haven’t accomplished as much as I had hoped for by this age; Do I feel like I am having problems coping with too much change around me

Disruptive Behaviour Disorders

Do I think someone I care about is engaging in harmful actions towards themselves or others

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